Ellie’s progress

Ellie understands many phrases these days. I was using a circular saw in the garage to cut down on the cost of the carpet installation in our basement the other day and had Ellie outside with me. When I actually used the saw, I would tell her to go sit down on a step. She did every time without hesitation and I didn’t have to teach her how first. When I finished the sawing each time, Ellie would look at me and say, “ouch” and cover her ears with her hands. Very cute (and I only made 3 quick cuts so her ears are fine).

Ellie can say “thank you” and knows when to say it. She can almost say “I love you” but her vocal chords won’t quite allow the enunciation yet. She greets me with a “hi daddy” when I enter a room. Very adorable. Very fun, etc. Makes me want to wake her up just to play after she has gone to bed for the evening (I don’t, but think about it). 😉