Daddy time

well, paula went away to do some consulting this past week (monday until wednesday late at night). i had the kids all by myself monday evening and we had a wonderful time. i also have more respect for people who have even more kids and have to do things by themselves. wow! paula’s father and niece (molly) came up on tuesday to help since i taugth paula’s class (every day from 1 – 4) and i also taught my own class from 6 – 9pm on tuesdays. i couldn’t watch the kids obviously. molly, grandpa, and ellie went to the children’s museum and the zoo on wednesday. fun times were had by all.

we spent the evening at marshall fields in their little gourmet cafe. i honestly think this is our favorite place to have dinner in all of grand rapids (metro area of over 1 million people). perhaps we should have our heads checked, but it is never crowded, has a good selection of neato foods, and has lots of room to spread out and be noisy with the kids. can’t beat it.

paula had a birthday this past tuesday while she was in kansas. we are going to have our little family birthday party for her tomorrow. i am even thinking of baking her a cake. perhaps i’ll wise up and go out and buy one instead. i’ll keep you informed. ellie thinks that the two of us will be able to make a cake…i wonder how long i can continue to make her think i have any sort of kitchen skills whatsoever??? heh…i make a mean buttered toast. 😉