Ellie’s b-days

Ellie celebrated her first birthday 3 times in the past few weeks. We were in Kansas for her birthday on the 18th of April. Paula and I had to present at the International CEC conference. While there, we had a party at our friend Gwen’s and another at Grandma and Grandpa Cook’s. Last week, we had the final party at Grandma and Grandpa Mehochko’s.

Ellie got a radio flyer red wagon for her birthday from Grandpa Mehochko and LOVES to take rides around the neighborhood showing off. Ellie is saying “cool” and “daddy” and “Ellie” and can pick out the cow and say “moo” when we are reading books. She can also find the duck and say, “duck” and knows many other animals. She is growing very independent at times willing to spend long periods with her own book or toy. We bought a new minivan (it is Paula’s – I swear) a few weeks ago and it has a T.V. and VCR built-in. Ellie loves watching Winnie-the-Pooh and Bear in the Big Blue House. Sesame Street with Stomp is her favorite video right now because of the awesome music. Mommy and daddy can’t get the darn songs out of our heads! I am not sure what parents did before VCR’s (oh yeah, I can remember it now…”are we almost there yet?”).

I shot a lot of video while in Kansas and in Michigan. I hope to add some great photo’s or even a short movie or two in the next week or so. We should have some great footage of Easter on the digital video tapes if I can ever find the time to edit it.