Early 2017 Update

Paula is still the Director of Teacher Education and I am still the Department Chair for special education, foundations, and technology (SEFT) with approximately 24 faculty in my department. So, we’re busy. The kids are plugging away in school. Ellie drives JD to school each day. JD is now taller than me by a few inches. We are going on college visits with Ellie and have more planned for spring break on the east coast. So far, she has really liked Cornell and the University of Michigan, but there are many more visits planned. We also saw a university in the NYC area that I will not name, but it was not an impressive campus visit and quickly fell out of consideration.

Ellie is the president of her junior class. JD is secretary of the freshman class. Ellie’s Odyssey of the Mind team is competing again this year. They’ve gone to the World Finals the past 3 years and they have 2 teams this year and both have already qualified for State (i.e., regionals > state > worlds). At least this year the world finals are located at Michigan State University, so it’s close. JD has skipped a year ahead in math. Both kids go to the #2 high school in Michigan and it’s an IB school, which they love.

This past summer, Paula and I presented at a conference in Bali and we took the kids. It was gorgeous.

Beach, Bali
Bali Beach Scene

Bali, waterfall
Bali Waterfall

I also presented at a conference in Ireland back in April. Of course, I made time to visit the Guinness headquarters as well:


I also made it out to the west coast to see the Cliffs of Moher (there are 30 people in this image, if you can believe that):

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

JD and I went hiking in the Rockies during the summer of 2016.

Rocky, Rockies, RMNP
Rocky Mountains

And Paula and I had a quick business trip to St. Louis with a cool view from our hotel:

St. Louis, Arch

As you might be able to notice, my little photograph project from 2011 where I shot a photograph each day blossomed. I’ve entered some art competitions and done very well. I took second place at the 87th Annual Regional Exhibition at the Muskegon Art Museum. They had 725 art entries from watercolors to oils to sculptures and more. My photography took 2nd place overall. I have had 3 photographs hanging in the museum now. I have placed and have photographs featured in other shows as well. I really enjoy photography, but being a department chair has severely cut into my time to devote to photography, unfortunately. It’s still my escape from time to time when I need my head cleared. Here are some of my favorite images.