March Madness

sean: “Ellie, Yahoo won’t let you create a bracket until you’re 13. but we can make a new account & lie about your age if you want to be in my bracket challenge.”
ellie: “i don’t want to lie.”
sean: “okay, how about we create an account for JD and lie about his age so you two can share a pick in the pool?”
ellie: “that’s like being a supervillain’s sidekick.”

OM and Our View

Hello. This is my first blog entry.

Odyssey of the Mind was really fun this year! I was a team member, Mom was a coach, Dad was a judge, and JD missed his Lego camp to see me win!!! We tied 2nd place in the hard region. We got the highest points for our skit too. That  means on april 17 we will be at the state finals! We have a shot at going to the world finals.

A talent scout saw me perform at our church’s Christmas Pageant, he asked if I would like to tryout for a TV show. the TV show is called Our View. It is a twist on The View but for younger girls; it has girls ages 7-12. I won a part and will be on the show. The kids in my class are so happy for me, and I am very proud.

Wish me luck!