Sean on the news

so, i was interviewed for a story about iPods in education because a local school is using these mp3 players in their classes. 22 seconds of my interview made it onto the newscast . . . and they fail to mention my name or give me any credit, it’s me. unfortunately, they quickly put up the name of a female teacher at an area school — so i cover it up (or try). anyway, here it is —

it’s happening

we’ve become soccer moms . . . and it’s not even soccer season. our kids are busy all of the time. both kids are on the school’s Odyssey of the Mind team. JD is on the K-2nd grade team and Ellie is on the 3rd – 5th grade team. Ellie’s group even meets twice a week for a few hours. i guess this is serious stuff. additionally, Ellie is in the school play (Peter Pan is the play). when she’s not acting in the school play then she is in an acting class through the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. both kids are taking piano lessons. and JD is also doing a lego class and a science class through our local parks and recreation department. whew! add homework every night and we are feeling like we’re always on the go.