happy new year

Grandma and grandpa Cook are here and we all stayed up past midnight. Ellie went to a New Year’s Eve party and stayed all night. we were all a bit tired today, but the big news is that JD lost his second tooth. both teeth have been lost on a holiday now, so that made him pretty darn happy.

our Christmas was very nice. we were here in East Grand Rapids and had grandma and grandpa Mehochko here on X-mas morning. the kids both volunteered to be in the Christmas Pageant at church. they were 2 of the 5 narrators and were both the youngest narrators, so JD was well behind everyone else in age. but that didn’t stop them from going up to the pulpit and reading their pieces with nice and loud voices. very nicely done.

Santa was good to the kids this year, but the kids have been good kids all year so it was well deserved. this was the first year that the kids didn’t send Santa a letter and instead opted to just use email. Paula received a Wii Fit and she’s finally using the Wii for the first time. actually, we are all using the Fit. it provides us with a Wii Fit age and apparently JD and i are equal in Fit age. the boy is a bit out of shape. i think it has more to do with his lack of coordination. i don’t think 7 year olds are the target audience of the Wii Fit. heh. but it has us all moving a lot so that can’t be bad.

Happy new year everyone!