Mayor Ellie

Ellie came home the other day saying her classmates had nominated her as one of the 3 contenders for class mayor. she had a plan and was just sure she would be elected mayor. Paula and i tried to keep her prepared for someone else to win, just in case. well, the had the election today and Ellie was elected mayor of her class. they have a pretend city and they’re solving various civic type problems. how did Ellie do it? well, she noted that there were more girls in the class than boys. she gets along with every girl. the girls decided to only nominate Ellie and then they would all vote for Ellie. the boys unknowingly nominated 2 boys. they split their votes between the 2 boys. easy win for Ellie.


the snow has been falling and falling lately . . . with no respite in sight. most of it is lake effect so we’re feeling like a snowy Seattle. but, when you have a 7 and 8 year old the snow can mean only one thing — sledding. we hit the slopes down the street yesterday and had quite a bit of fun. we built a jump on the hill and Ellie tested it, but it wasn’t sturdy enough at first as she mostly plowed right through.


so, Ellie used her engineering passion to watch JD going over the jump and then tried to perfect things. the end result was some major air time like this for JD:


the kids are finally fully adjusted back to school. they’re keeping busy with homework and playing lacrosse, which they started right after we got back to the states. lacrosse is one of the sports that is available for boys in girls in East Grand Rapids schools so that’s quite different from where Paula and i grew up.

over Thanksgiving we decided to drive to Junction City, Kansas and surprise my mom and Bill. i called them when we were on the road and gave them about an 8 hour warning. normally i wouldn’t do that, but when grandma knows her grandkids are coming i am guessing that the surprise was well worth it. and they came through with some wonderful food and conversation. we saw Paula’s parents on the way down and we also managed to stop by and see Daryl Mellard and his friend Lisa, from Boise State. Daryl served a great dinner and the kids enjoyed playing his new Wii and showing Daryl how it works.

my father is now going through chemo and radiation for his throat cancer. things are going much better now than we ever expected more than a month ago. he’s staying in Denver full time now so Barry, my brother, is handling the tidbits that need to be handled. thanks Barry!