we recently had Ellie and JD take a golf class and today we went to the driving range:


i also made a quick video showing them hitting the ball, which you can see here:

all new site

you may not have noticed this, but i’ve been moving to a new server these past many days. i have upgraded things and added new features. the photos link above now goes to my Flickr photo sharing site. the link goes to my family photos, but you can also view other photos i’ve taken while you’re there (only if you’re really bored). heh.

but i’ve also added a new feature for photos. if i want to add an image to this blog i can still do that, or i can add a link that looks like this (notice the dashed underline under that?). that means you can move your mouse over it and get a preview of a photo. click it to visit the actual photo. pretty nifty, eh? stay tuned for more changes to this site as i get the updates all installed, etc.

i also have blog entries from 2000 – 2003 that were made before blogs were blogs. in other words, i just had a blog that was a blog before the term blog emerged. anyway, i have those family stories to add to this site, which will soon show up in the archives. i have a bunch of errors i am noticing as well, so i’ll get that fixed soon (e.g., some images aren’t appearing any more).