June update

well, much has happened in the last month. first, let me direct you to the new photos of the kids posted in the photos links (top and side of this page). i added 8 photos, i believe.

in the last month, we’ve had grandma and grandpa mehochko come visit. we have also had grandma and grandpa cook come visit and they brought my aunt gloria and uncle doug with them as they were on their way to canada for a 2 – 3 week vacation. fun times.

the kids are keeping mighty busy. ellie was happy to become an official first grader. JD knows he’s finishing up at whistlestop preschool and he will attend a local East Grand Rapids public schools preschool this next year before starting kindergarten the year after this upcoming year. we had JD attend a kindergarten roundup to see if he was ready for kindergarten . . . he was. his birthday is in late Sept. and kids who have have birthdays after Aug. 31 are evaluated to see if they go to kindergarten or not. many are chosen for a young fives program and wait to start kindergarten a year later. JD did not get into this program; however, we felt that he could benefit from having a year of maturity as he goes through school. he will still graduate high school when he is 18, but he’ll be one of the older kids going through school instead of one of the youngest. that should benefit him on multiple fronts.

Ellie and JD both started tennis lessons here in EGR last week. paula and i took the kids out to practice before lessons started. JD could barely hit the ball. he shows up for lessons and something just clicks. the kid was hitting forehands, backhands, and even volleys. in fact, the teachers (2 cute college gals . . . maybe that was JD’s motivation) set up 5 cones on the other side of the net around the court and told the kids to aim at the cones when they hit. JD is the only kid who was able to knock over a cone. of course, it was luck (no doubt), but it’s fun to pretend that he was just doing what he was told. ellie is enjoying tennis quite a bit as well. ellie was able to hit the ball over when we practiced weeks ago, but now she’s learning mechanics that will help her much more than i can. fun stuff.

Ellie is also taking an acting class this week. she has to learn her lines by Friday when the kids will put on their show. that’s quite a quick turnaround for putting on a show, but i guess the play is quite short, so i’ll try and film it and put the video online.

stay tuned.

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