All grown up

So, I wasn’t feeling very well earlier this week and Paula had to teach. I was home alone with the kids. I asked Ellie to be in charge while I took a little rest. She took Joshua into our toy room, which is really our formal living room that we have yet to furnish with furniture.

So, they compromise and decide to play school. I hear Ellie explain to JD that she wants to teach him how to read. She explains that he needs to know the various sounds that letters make first. She then starts instructing him on various letters’ sounds. After going through a bunch, she starts quizzing him. He gets many right and she acts so proud of him.

She then moves on to math and starts trying to teach him how to do addition. She asks him what 2 + 3 equals. He guesses 6 and she tells him that this is a good guess, but is incorrect. She then explains to him a strategy for figuring out these kind of math problems, which I thought was pretty nifty. She says (and I am paraphrasing here), “Josh, you have to first figure out which number is larger. So, you say, ‘2 + 3’ — oh, the 3 is larger. I think three in my head and then I count 2 more on my fingers like this . . . ‘i say 3 and then put up 1 finger and say 4 and then put up a second finger and say 5. that’s my answer. Now you try JD.”

After math, Ellie said that it was snack time. She took Joshua into the kitchen. They opened the fridge and Ellie pulled out some carrots. She then grabbed some ranch dressing and a bowl. She poured a little bit of dressing into the bowl and then handed out some carrots. They ate for a bit and then she cleaned up. They headed back to the toy room and I heard Ellie say, “it’s recess time. First though, we have to get the toys cleaned up.” They proceeded to clean up the whole room better than they ever had before. Then, Ellie had Joshua line up and told JD to have fun.

I found it very entertaining to listen and watch this unfold.