One day at a time

I love being a mom! Ellie started kindergarten a couple weeks ago. She seems to be enjoying it. She has made some friends, thinks her teacher is great, and has come to the conclusion that most boys are a little wild. She also started a different day care. Woodcliff is affiliated with our school district. On days Ellie needs to, she can get on a bus right outside of the kindergarten door and ride it to Woodcliff. The bus takes about 15 kids, many are her classmates, the roughly ten blocks. Fourteen of the fifteen kids are thrilled out of their minds that they get to ride a bus. Ellie is good old number 15. She has been very nervous about Woodcliff. She doesn’t know anyone. She has had a high level of anxiety over this to the point of tears. Every day that she goes to Woodcliff, she has cried. Every day I talk to her about what she’s nervous about. We talk about the other kids, the adults, the stuff they do. Every day it’s been the same thing. “Mommy, I’m really nervous about Woodcliff,” (tears starting). “Ellie, tell me exactly what makes you nervous,” Then we go through everything.
Today, no nervousness. She did it. She was fine about going to Woodcliff. She talked about who she was going to play with and how much fun computer time was yesterday. Whohoo!!! We got over that hump. Here’s the best part from my perspective. I try to have lunch with Ellie a couple times a week. Tonight, I told her I couldn’t have lunch with her tomorrow because I had a meeting at 11:30 and then another one at 12:00, and I added, “I hate meetings.” Ellie said, “Well Mom, what do you hate about meetings. I’m asking that because when I was nervous about school we talked about what made me nervous it helped me, so now I can help you not hate meetings so much. So, mom, tell what you hate the most.” I told her that I didn’t like how people just talked and talked. She asked me if I ever talked. I told that her that sometimes I said a few words. She said, “Mom, I think at the next meeting you should talk and talk and talk and just let other people say a few words. Then they will know how you feel.” Not bad advice for a kindergartener. I’m so lucky!

JD’s birthday is coming up. He’s going to be four. I hope that means he won’t stop saying breafkist instead of breakfast, Gammy instead of Grammy, Ewwie instead of Ellie and on and on. Sean and I just love the very sound of his voice. I also hope this doesn’t mean he’ll stop being my cuddle buddy. JD has gone from an infant who hated to be rocked to a high contact kid who loves to cuddle. Go figure. He has become very outgoing and social things I never thought I would say about JD. Tonight he got his haircut. I couldn’t help but stare at this little kid sitting in the chair chatting up a storm with the hairdresser. Two years ago he would have probably kicked and screamed to get out of there.
I love the way JD comes running out of the bathroom after having brushed his teeth. He gets this huge, huge smile on his face and says, “are they shining?” It’s so darned cute. Or the way he slumps his shoulders down and sulks away when he doesn’t get what he wants. Or, the best, whenever he hears someone say a naughty word he says, “Awww, you just said *&^%.” Very clever JD.
Oh, how I don’t want these kids to grow up! Lately I have been reminding myself every day to take it one day at a time. Savor every held hand, smudged face, silly sibling argument. Just enjoy it all right here, right now. One day at a time.


Ellie is now two weeks into Kindergarden and she’s loving it. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but she’s come around and is really enjoying the experience. It’s so fun to walk Ellie to school every morning and it’s usually all 4 of us. There are just 3 houses between us and the school so the walk is pretty brief (and, we’ll love that when the snow starts falling).

Ellie takes a bus from Kindergarden to an after-school program also in East Grand Rapids and was also nervous about riding a bus. But, like Kindergarden, she has come around once she gets there (still nervous on the way). She is making many new friends and she remembers all of their names.

We took Joshua over to Ellie’s school on Friday when Ellie got out and they had a huge picnic. We ate on the grass and met many of Ellie’s classmates and their parents.

At one point, Ellie saw a 2nd grade girl that Ellie had met a year ago. She ran up the girl and said, “Hi Ella!” The girl was with her friends and turned to see Ellie and said, “Hi.” I could tell she was content to let that be the end, but Ellie wasn’t. Ellie spoke up a little louder, “Hey, do you remember [she said something or other that I forget at the moment]?” The girl turned and smiled and said, “Yeah.” Ellie grabbed my hand as we walked away and looked up to me and said, “She’s so cool.” Heh heh. It was cute.