Carolina Beach

in early june, we flew to carolina beach for a very nice beach vacation on the atlantic. we stayed at Terry and Sandy’s condo (Sean’s uncle and aunt). Grandma and Grandpa Cook set it all up and Barry, Amber and Dave, and AJ were all in attendance (Sean’s side of the family). we actually had two condos on the beach as the Frakes family lives next door to Terry and Sandy and they weren’t using their condo that week. Paula and I had a room overlooking the beach and the ocean. We left the door open every night and went to bed to the sound of the waves. There’s no better way to sleep. Ellie and Joshua stayed in the condo with Grandma and Grandpa. The kids loved the ocean, but loved the kiddie pool attached to the condos even better. Figures. We spent every day in the water doing all of the various water activities. And, we ate the best foods . . . particularly the seafood.

My favorite spot was the hula grill (click here to visit). they had this tuna steak appetizer that was probably the best eats I’ve ever had. In fact, I snuck back to the hula grill after the kids went to bed one night just to eat the tuna steak. the grill was located on the boardwalk, which was just a 3-5 minute walk from the condo.

We had a terrific time and I’ve posted some photos in the photo section, fwiw.