The Princess and Batman

I have a few unfinished entries that I promise to complete and post, but had to describe the scene in our family room right now. Ellie is dressed up in a night gown, crown, and silky scarf over her face. She wants to get married to Josh who is standing next to her. He is currently dressed as Batman and is playing the part, blasting things left and right. He takes a break to hug his waiting bride. They dance briefly turning in two circles. Ellie lifts her veil and puckers up for a kiss just in time for Josh to hold out a stiff arm telling her to wait just a minute. He reaches into his Batman pajama pants, pulls out a little vinyl Frisbee thingy, and pressing pretend buttons he blasts some bad guy. He gives Ellie a quick kiss and jumps into his clothesbasket jet ski to chase the remaining bad guys. Such is life in our house these days. Ellie the frilly dressed bride/princess in waiting directing her wanna be super hero reluctant husband/prince who would rather run through the house shooting imaginary “mean guys” than stick by her side.
The two of them are way too much fun these days. For the most part, they play very well together. Yesterday Sean and I witnessed a great puppet show in which they took turns reciting the parts to Hey Diddle, Diddle. Ellie made a really cool marble run out of wrapping paper tubes, which is now taped to our dining room wall. She made it for her brother who had a cold and was taking a nap. Josh woke up thrilled with his run and feeling better. He later wiped out an entire population of mean guys. Somehow they keep coming back for more. The electricity went out for about two hours, and we all took turns telling scary stories and playing 20 questions. A busy but wonderful day.
I’ve been noticing a little shortness of breath lately. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about as it seems to occur only when I’m thinking about kindergarten in the fall. Unfortunately, I’m forced to think about it frequently because Ellie can’t stop talking about it. I envision the first day like this. We walk the half-block to her school holding hands. As we cross the street on to school property, Ellie turns to me and says, “Mom, see that curb there. That’s where you stand. I’ll see you later.” And, that’s it. She’s already done something similar to this on the beach, so I can really see it coming. She’s ready. I’m not!
Josh remains an interesting little guy. Potty training is coming along slowly but surely. Sean was trying to prod him on and told him all the kids in his class were going to start calling him diaper boy. Josh said, “I don’t care. I’ll be diaper boy.” Peer pressure means nothing to him. Pressure from his parents is meaningless too. Josh is polite to us and, I think, appreciates what we do for him, but our opinions are irrelevant to him. He’s nice enough to ask for permission for things, but pretty much does whatever he wants anyway. “Mom, can I get out of bed to play for awhile?”
“No Joshua, it’s very late, and we have to get up early tomorrow.”
Two minutes later, “Josh what are you doing on the floor.”
“Oh, mom, I’m just playing.”
“But I said no.”
“I know Mama (he always pulls out the ‘mama’ when he’s defied me) but I wanted to play.”
“Dad, can I have some applesauce,”
“No Josh we’re leaving for church in two minutes.”
Two minutes later. “What’s that sticky stuff on the floor.”
“That’s my applesauce. I made a mistake”
I have approximately 300 similar examples, but you get the idea. He never makes a big deal over his defiance or moans and groans when we tell him ‘no.’ He just quietly does what he wants.
Ziggy has become a member of the family. Ellie told me the other day that she thinks of him as a person. “I know he’s really a dog, but he’s a person to me.” On the other hand, Josh likes to be a dog to pal around with him. The other day they turned the corner in the kitchen. Ziggy had his rope toy in his mouth. Josh was right beside him on all fours with the other end of the rope toy in his mouth. The boy and his dog are good friends.
All for now. I promise to finish the other journals shortly and push Sean to get more photos up. Please stop back by soon.