Ellie reads!

That’s right…our little gal has learned how to read. She is still in the early stages, but she understands the concept of reading and knows how to sound out words. So far, she is pretty much confined to reading 3 letter words. She is good with consonant – vowel – consonant words (e.g., cat, pig, dog, run, sit, top), but she can also do some 4-letter words. She is also starting to recognize some common words (e.g., the, was, and). She and I have gone to the library a few times together to pick out early reader books, which are very hard to find. Most early reader books are really for someone who is just beyond where Ellie is right now. Remind me to write some early reader books for real beginners sometime. Anyway, we’ve actually only “practiced” reading a few times…We play school and work on reading, but it really has to be on Ellie’s schedule. Reading will come whether we work on it or not, so this isn’t a big concern. She’s two months into being 4 and started reading a few weeks ago. Tonight, we sat down with a series of early reader books we checked out and Ellie actually read a whole sentence fairly quickly. The sentence was, “Mot and Tom sat.” — probably 2 seconds per word. Very amazing to watch. She lasted about 10 minutes tonight which was very good for her.

We’ll keep plugging away on her schedule (lately about once a week) and see where we get.

I’ll try and get a Joshua story up soon and add some pictures soon as well.