On raising our kids

As Sean mentioned, Josh has become a little sweetheart. I say this with some reservation because, first, his demeanor really had only one direction to go, and second, he does still have a very aloof side that can drive us crazy. Still, for the most part, he’s a joy. One example of why I can say this is because Josh decided that when he wakes in the middle night he shouldn’t wake Mommy up. Let me explain.

Josh typically gets thirsty through the night. Almost every night he wants something to drink. Then, of course, he goes to the bathroom, which also wakes him up. For some time, he would call out for me every time he needed a drink or was wet. One morning (Josh is also an early riser) when he got up for our morning ritual of cuddling up in the rocking chair to watch some TV, I explained to him that he couldn’t wake me up anymore in the middle of the night, that mommy needs sleep, and that when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m very cranky the next day. He was listening intently and agreed that he didn’t want a cranky mommy. That night when he went to bed, I told him to sleep all night and let mommy get a good night sleep too. He smiled and said his adorable, “Okay Mama.” Sure enough when he needed something to drink or got too wet, he called out for Daddy and has every night since. What a good boy!!! And now, just about every morning when he wakes up, I say, “Good Morning my wonderful boy,” and he says, “I didn’t wake Mama up!”

Ellie has asked some tough questions lately. One of her teachers recently had a baby, which of course prompted considerable curiosity.

Ellie: “Mom, when I get older, will I just get a baby?”

Me: “No, Ellie, it usually doesn’t work that way. Usually, you meet someone very special, get married, and the two of you decide to have a baby.”

Ellie: “I think I’ll just marry Josh. I already know him.”

Me: “No, honey, people don’t marry their brothers or sisters.”

Ellie: “But, I love Josh. I want to marry Josh.”

Me: “Mama didn’t marry one of her brothers. I met your daddy. He was a very special friend, and we got married.”

Ellie: “Hmm. When I get married, will we buy a bigger house so that person can have his own bedroom? Like maybe we could get a house with an upstairs, and he could live upstairs”

Me: “I suppose that could happen.”

Ellie: “And if Josh gets married, can his wife and my husband share a room?”

Me: “No honey, I think it would be best if they had their own rooms.”

Ellie: “Mom, how does the baby actually come out?”

Me: “Hmm, good question.” –

Ellie: “I know your stomach doesn’t just explode, so how does it come out?”

I gave a very brief description, which prompted a whole set of related questions, but eventually we came to a basic understanding that seemed to satisfy Ellie. Three days later, I get this:

Ellie: “Mom, next time you pick me up from school, can you tell Maddie how babies come out because her mom didn’t tell her.”

Me: “Ellie, that’s a conversation mothers should have with their own children.”

Ellie: “Well, maybe you can tell her mom then, so she can tell Maddie.”

Little Hound Doggie

Joshua just gets sweeter and sweeter. There was a time when Paula and I thought he might just be an angry child because he would get so frustrated before he could talk. Now, he is getting more and more confident with the words he uses and his vocabulary is exploding. In fact, he isn’t afraid to try to say any word.

Joshua does have difficulty enunciating his words, but he tries them where he used to just get frustrated.

Joshua is just a lovey-dovey little guy. He has also gotten so polite…He is quick to apologize when he has done wrong (by contrast, Ellie used to be very hard-headed about saying, “sorry”). Joshua also says please when he asks for things and he is pretty good about picking up his toys…particularly for a 2 year old.

He and Ellie play together so well. I have the kids on Wednesday evenings when Paula teaches and I can sit in the kitchen making dinner and then cleaning up afterwards and those two can play together the whole time…what nice kids we have.

Musings on Ellie

So, we found out that Ellie was the only child in her class who understands how to play Simon Says. The other children couldn’t quite get it when Simon didn’t say to do something. But, her teacher told us that she tried to help them learn. 😉

Ellie and I spent some time reading tonight and she actually gets it. We are still in the early stages and she has a few letters that she cannot identify correctly every time when trying to get the upper and lowercase versions of the letter correct. And, she sometimes forgets a letter’s sound, but she gets many more correct than not and she understands that the sounds fit together to form a word…she was able to read bed, hats, and cup tonight (and, I think we worked on one or two others that I can’t think of for the moment).

I asked Ellie if she knew her phone number tonight and she recited it correctly…Paula worked with her one time on our phone number and that was a few weeks ago. Pretty impressive young gal. She just has a very, very good memory…which means we can’t ever make a promise to her with the hope she’ll forget it — she doesn’t forget.

There are many stories to tell, but Paula knows many of the stories better than I do, so I’ll try and get her posting soon.