November tidbits

Halloween has come and gone. Honestly, it was quite fun! Ellie was a cowgirl and Josh a cowboy. (Check out the photos, and yes, I made the costumes) They really enjoyed themselves. In the morning, the kids had a party at Whistlestop, their preschool, which lasted from 9:30 – 11:00. Sean and I went to take pictures and see the costumes. Once Josh got settled in with his friends, we went to Ellie’s room. The kids in her room were pretty excited to show off their costumes and have their pictures taken. Interestingly, at roughly 10:20, Ellie came running over to me, and with a big smile on her face said, “Bye, Mom.” She then ran over to Sean and said the same thing. We were rather unceremoniously dismissed from the party! We weren’t really ready to go, but decided to let this be her call. Ellie loves Whistlestop. She’s often disappointed on home days and at some point on Sunday will tell me how much she misses her friends. Most days when I pick her up, she gives me that look you would expect to see from a teenager whose dad has decided to drop in at school to have lunch in the cafeteria. I’m thrilled that she likes the kids and school and is gaining some independence, so no complaining!!
Josh on the other hand, gives us a running, blissfully happy greeting. As I pick him up he is jibber-jabbering about some activity– most of which I can’t understand. Whatever he’s saying sounds like a lot of fun. He has taken to calling me “Paula” lately, which is a little strange. I keep telling him that I prefer ‘mommy,’ but so far, he doesn’t seem to care.
Back to Halloween. Trick or treating started at 5:00. The kids were invited to a neighbor’s early for some special treats. Of course, they were all over that. At roughly 4:45 they were pacing, fully dressed, buckets in hand. We left at 5:01. I planned to go to the end of the street and back, but Ellie kept pushing for more. She kept saying, “Mom, that house down there has a light on, let’s give it a try.” We had a great time collecting candy and meeting our neighbors. We learned that a family with kids the same age as ours lives at the end of our street. The kids ate too much candy; I have eaten too much in the past week. Our supply is finally waning. Thank goodness!
Our kids are accustomed to multiple holidays. We have at least two Christmases, birthday parties, etc. Last week, Ellie asked me when the second Halloween was going to be. The explanation took awhile because she kept insisting that, “two Halloweens is a good idea.” I suppose from where she’s sitting, it is.
Here’s another funny Ellie story. I got home from teaching last Wednesday evening to find her in bed with numerous Barbie dolls. These are dolls she inherited from her wonderful cousins, Molly and Hannah. I commented on the dolls, and Ellie picked one up, handed it to me and said, “Mommy, you can take this one to bed with you.” I told her she didn’t have to do that and that she could keep her dolls. She looked at the doll for a second, stuck her hand out and said, “Mom, you can just keep this one. I don’t want it because her hair is SO WILD! Kind of like yours in the morning.” I guess the doll reminded her of me. If Ellie looked in the mirror in the morning, she might have kept the doll after all!
Josh’s vocabulary is coming along. He talks in sentences, but his favorite word is, “Ellie!” Sister girl gets no rest as Josh wants her in the same room playing with him all the time. Most of the time Ellie gets to set the agenda though, so I don’t think it bothers her too much. There is one key difference between them. Ellie needs her down-time. She needs to take a break and be quiet while Josh has always, since he was a baby, been the type of kid who plays until he drops. There are moments when Ellie needs to veg. Tonight she had one of those moments. She was beside herself about something. I started to say, “Ellie, sit on the couch with a book for awhile,” but barely got “Ellie” out before she said, “Mom, I’m so crabby!!” Sean took her downstairs to watch a movie, and in no time, she was back to her old self. I need to remember that. When in the midst of a bad hair day, proclaim yourself crabby and put in a good movie! Good night all and thanks for visiting our website.

Oh, one more thing…Sean placed a new movie file on the website (in addition to the new photos). On the main page you should see a link at the top of the page on the right…media files –that’s the one to click.