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It’s movie time. Notice the new link at the top/right called Media files…This is where I will place movies and I’ve added a cute one today of Ellie and Joshua.
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Wasn’t funny at the time, but…

So, I was ironing a shirt in the laundry/utility room today (yes, i do occasionally try and look presentable) and Joshua came in. Our laundry/utility room is pretty good sized as far as these rooms go.

Joshua immediately found some gallon paint cans that were empty and started stacking them. He was able to get them 5 cans high, which was pretty impressive. I finished and went into the other room. Suddenly, I heard Joshua cry out, “whoaaa, whoaaaa, whoaaaa!” and keep saying it over and over mixed with some cries. I ran to the door where he was emerging to see that the whole front of his shirt and pants were covered (absolutely soak-covered) in pink paint. Apparently, the pink can wasn’t empty like the others…Oops! The pink paint was everywhere, but we immediately got Joshua into the bathtub and eventually got him all cleaned up. What a mess! Very funny now looking back on it, but Joshua failed to see the humor. Heh heh. That little guy can really get into things. 😉


You should notice a new link on the left called Our Photos. I have added a new module to the site that makes it easier for me to create photo albums and to index the photos and keep a database of them.

You can view the photos individually and even set it to view as a slideshow. I have also added a feature that allows you to print and photos you like for 51 cents — you will have the photos sent to the address you specify…It’s a pretty good deal considering you don’t pay for bad photos like in a normal roll of film. I am toying with the idea of turning photos off unless you are a registered member, so if you are not registered, you may want to do so if you wish to view our photos in the future.

First day of Preschool

Well, Ellie started her first day of preschool today and everything went just fine. In fact, Joshua started a new daycare and his “classroom” is located right next to Ellie’s.

The kids arrived a little after 8:00 (we were running a bit late). We unloaded the bicycle and tricycle because they were going to ride later on (it’s a Monday thing…I think). We dropped Joshua off in his room and he immediately started playing with a toy hammer smacking balls that go with it. I think they will regret having that toy after a while. 😉

We then moved over into Ellie’s room. They were already filling a big tank with water and then adding coloring to make it very yellow. They had toy worms and snakes and Ellie immediately asked me to help her get a snake and rolled her sleeves up to play in the water (it was a waste-high table/tank for most kids so you could reach into it and play easily).

Paula and I switched back and forth between the kids for a while and then we decided to head home — Ellie had been pretty nervous so Paula was going to stay the whole day, but she got into the flow very quickly. Joshua, on the other hand, realized we were missing pretty quickly. I heard him and went to the car and grabbed his security blanket…That sort of worked, but he still didn’t want us to go. We finally made our way out and Ellie was deeply engrossed in her classroom activities and didn’t even notice us leave.

They called us after about an hour to let us know that Joshua had stopped crying and was having fun and that Ellie was doing great. This was comforting to know. Both rooms had pizza for lunch and they ate well. Joshua went right down for his nap and his “teacher” told us she tried to rub her fingers through his hair and he pushed her away and just quickly fell asleep. That’s my boy. 😉 Ellie, cried at nap time. She wanted her mommy and then she wanted her pacifier. She didn’t get either and ended up staying awake for most of her nap. She did take a quick nap. They both did great in the afternoon sessions.

When we picked the kids up, I told Ellie how proud we were of her for being so courageous. Ellie said, “yeah, but I did cry at naptime.” Paula then said she was sorry for not remembering to pack Ellie a pacifier (Ellie doesn’t typically get one during the day anyway, but…) and Ellie said, “that’s okay mom. we all make mistakes and i am not even mad at you.” It was pretty cute to say the least. The kids will go to this new school a few days a week and stay home the other days with mommy and daddy.


We’ve decided on a theme for painting bedrooms. Ellie’s room is going to be a castle with little windows looking out over the woods and another looking at a beach. Joshua’s room is going to be the farm-yard with cows, hay, and a barn. I’ll post photos when we…er, when Paula finishes those projects. 😉

Here we go

If you are looking for the older files that were recently here, they can be found by clicking on Old Files (if i’ve added that yet). [EDIT from 2006 — I have incorporated all old files into this new site, so you merely need to check the archives] We are living in our new house, but have much work ahead of us. Paula has already painted two rooms and removed all of the yucky wallpaper. I’ve replaced outlet covers and light switches. We were fortunate enough to have grandma and grandpa Cook here last week and grandpa did some major fixing up (e.g., new ceiling panels, recessed lighting, resizing built in entertianment center, adding outlets, etc)…and, grandma watched the kids. Very fun times were had by all. We expect to see grandma and grandpa Mehochko this weekend, so the good times will just keep right on rolling. Stay tuned!
(again, this was from May 2 and I’ve just carried it over to the new site)
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