Copycat JD

Well, Joshua is getting more and more vocal. He says, mama and dada and lots of other sounds — often just to hear himself talk. He and I will often get into shouting contests and that causes him to laugh and laugh.

He is not quite crawling yet, but he scoots around and rolls over and over to get where he wants to go. It is interesting to note that Joshua can stand and walk around if you let him hold 1 finger in each of his hands. He can also sit up alone and stand if you place him so that his hands are on a table.

He is a demanding child and knows what he wants and lets you know. He wants to do everything Ellie is doing and loves to watch her. He can often sit and watch her do something and laugh when she looks at him. I wish we could bottle this love up and pull it out when these two are older. 😉

Give me a little credit already

Ellie uses words far more advanced than most kids her age. We were sitting at dinner tonight and I pretended to win a contest. Ellie, without missing a beat, told me “congratulations daddy. You did a good job!” Somewhere along the line, she picked up the word, ‘congratulations’ and is using it in her regular vocabulary.

Ellie’s dolls have full conversations with each other and her imagination is very good. She even imagines that Joshua can understand her as she talks to him all of the time. She is such a good older sister and often tries to include Joshua in an activity that is far beyond his capabilities (she likes to push him) ;-). Josh has a knack for wanting to pull hair and Ellie just laughs when Joshua grabs hold of her hair — while she gently gets away from his grip.

Ellie proudly proclaim that basketball was her favorite sport today…You’ve just gotta love this girl.

May 8, 2002