Growing boy

Not a lot has changed with the little slugger. He now rolls over with relative ease from back to front and front to back. He is also getting bigger and bigger (e.g., see Clifford, the big red dog). Josh can wear outfits that Ellie wore at 10 – 12 months and he’s only nearly 6 months old.

We were worried after having Ellie because she was such a good baby…we figured things would average out with Joshua. Josh has turned out to be easier than Ellie was up to this point. He is always happy (except when hungry or tired). He loves to watch everything that is going on and to play with all sorts of little toys. Won’t be long before we can start shooting some movies of Joshua, too.

What goes up, must come down

Out of the blue tonight, Ellie just spontaneously starting counting backwards from 10 and made it all the way to one and then immediately counted back to 10. She’s 23 months old as of this week.

We finally got the VCR hooked up after not having it for over a week. I stuck in a Dora the Explorer video and Ellie promptly said all of the words from the video right along with the characters. It was actually quite amazing to hear her get every word correct for the first few minutes of the tape even across many characters while she was also playing with her doll house. We haven’t watched the tape that many times as the tape is relatively new and she’s been on a Baby Einstein DVD kick for the longest time.

We have now placed 3 x 5 index cards around the house on many of the objects so that Ellie can start seeing the names of these objects. She thinks she can read because she can walk up to an index card and tell us what is on it (e.g., toy box, stairs, table, chair, door, doll house). Pretty neat stuff.