JD rolling over

While Paula was in Kansas this past week, she was talking with our friend Ellen Mellard about Joshua. It seems he should be holding himself up by now and he had yet to do that prior to the trip. When Paula got home, she placed Joshua down on the ground on his tummy to work with him on holding himself up. Before we knew it, Josh had propped himself up and rolled completely over. Paula put him back on his tummy and he promptly did it again. He’s getting strong.

He’s still talking and talking and talking. He particularly likes watching Ellie play. Ellie is happy to try and include him in her play…she’ll often hand him an extra toy by placing it on his chest or on his hand. Paula was reading a book to Ellie and before each page was turned, Ellie would turn the book and show the picture to Josh.

blah, blah, goo

Joshua is more vocal than Ellie was at this age (3 months). He loves to talk and gets a huge smile on his face when anyone gets near him and talks to him. It’s easy to tell that he really wants to say more as he contorts his mouth and curls his tongue and says his, “ahs” and “oohs” and “gaa’s” and goo’s.”

Ellie loves to give him hugs and kisses. She even tells him, “bless you josh” when he sneezes. Ellie really wants him to be able to play. She will often say, “come on little brother — let’s play.” Very cute stuff. I am sure he is quite eager to join her.

mommy and JD

Happy new year!!

Ellie now talks in complete sentences most of the time. She even uses some Spanish words at the appropriate times (I think she learns it from watching Dora the Explorer sometimes) — Paula and I do not know Spanish.

Ellie had a wonderful Holiday season. She loved opening the presents and helping Josh to open his presents. She also loved playing with all of her relatives and friends. I think the neatest thing was watching her put on a show for everyone who came to see her. It wouldn’t take long before Ellie was singing the complete ABC’s or various other songs. She loves to perform.

Ellie playing with Joshua\'s toys