terrible two . . . errr 1s?

Okay, is it just me or do the terrible two’s start at 13 months old? Ellie has learned to throw tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. She is a constant ball of motion and energy. I think she is starting to understand when she is being reprimanded, but she would rather reprimand me for reprimanding her. I cannot believe how much fun she is even when she is ornery, especially when I have the energy to keep up. With Paula in the second half of another pregnancy, I think sleep is becoming more and more of a commodity for us all. Never can get enough, though. Such is life. 😉

amazing Ellie

Ellie amazes me with the progress she makes on a daily basis. We can now hum songs together. She likes walking around and pretending to talk on the phone. The troubling thing is that she thinks I am joking when I reprimand her. For instance, she was trying to grab a leaf off of a plant in our living room. I told her no…She cracked up laughing the more stern I got. She even started wagging her finger at me and telling me that I was the one in trouble (in babble talk of course). Pretty funny stuff.